children with speech and language disabilities

Approximately 50 percent of children have a history of speech and language reading disability in one form or another during the beginning of school years.

­We must have better identification of children at risk of reading difficulties in early years. There are many tests which may be done to see if your child has dyslexia or why he/she is having difficulty reading. They may have difficulty learning the alphabet or associating sounds of letters, or rhyming words or recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

These children are at a higher risk of developing reading difficulties. There are many reasons why a child is having trouble reading and tests can be done to narrow down the reason. It may be an undetected hearing problem you are not aware of. Your child may require glasses. What ever the case may be, there is always help and awareness to be of assistance to correct the problem. Many studies have showed that children with early detected speech and language difficulties may be able to further their growth and be adjusted to correct the ongoing problem.

It may be environmental living related, but what ever the case may be your child needs to see his/her doctor for recommendations on correcting the problem he/she is having. A pediatric is able to detect the root cause of the problem or may send you to a specialist for further testing to determine the cause and corrective procedure and treatment for your child. Early developmental speech and language difficulties may determine exactly what your child requires to address and correct the early detection of reading problems.

All children learn at their own pace and one child can not be compared to another, yet there is a standard to be met on a speech and language level to further enhance their vocabulary, skills and writing. Helpful measures are available to those who seek assistance. Resources are readily available to lend a helping hand in your child’s growth and development as an early age of a speech and language problem. Reading is an important comprehensive knowledge in life and the detection of a problem in speech and language can be administered and adjusted to fit your child’s needs.­

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