people with disabilities

There are plenty of people across the world living with one form of disability or other. The disability suffered by most persons includes mental disability, emotional, physical and cognitive.

­Some people suffer a combination of these disabilities. Disabilities can occur at birth but in some cases, disability is acquired later in life. Common disabilities include physical deformities that affect the upper and lower limbs, manual dexterity problems, inability to coordinate body organs and others. The cause of the disability may be due to old age, a viral infection such as polio, a hereditary condition and paralysis or amputation.

Other disabilities include speech and hearing impairment. This category includes individuals suffering hearing impairment; some partially while others totally, a condition also known as deafness. There are a number of individuals who have problems with speech, where others cannot speak and are said to be mute. Sufferers of speech impairment may stutter and stammer while speaking while others may have voice disorders.

People suffering from disabilities face a lot of challenges everyday. Simple tasks that ordinary people perform on a daily basis as routine are extremely delicate and difficult to those suffering from disabilities. Thus accomplishing simple tasks such as taking a shower, dressing up, brushing teeth or even having a meal are tasks that may take much longer than normal and in many cases, may require the assistance of others.

Individuals with disabilities are faced with stigma and discrimination from the society where they live. Most people look down on them and treat them as special. Disabled people may find it hard to socialize with members of the society. This can lead to depression as well as self pity, if not checked.

There are plenty of activities that disabled persons can engage in, in order to develop mentally, socially and physically. Some of the activities that they can engage in include outdoor games, sports, exercises and the arts. These activities are believed to help in the total development of a person and should be encouraged from time to time. Indoor games such as board games can be a great form of sharing, fun and socializing. Music is an enjoyable form of art and can offer rich and rewarding experiences.

Nature is also a great way of exploring, learning and relaxing. Various activities can be formulated around nature, such as walks, fishing, campfires, bird watching and a host of other activities.

Developments in the management of physical and other forms of disabilities have seen major advances in recent years. It is very possible for disabled persons to lead a full life, acquire skills as well as develop a career. There are facilities that assist disabled persons in their everyday lives such as learning, traveling and many other activities.­

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